About Gallery Eleven

My love of art and why I am particularly drawn to utilising vivid colours in my paintings, can only be attributed to my first ever visit to the Harry Clarke Studio in Dublin as a young boy. While probably too young to truly appreciate the occasion, I clearly remember my fascination of all I surveyed. My Gran-Aunt Alice, who worked at the studio in North Frederick Street for 65 years, proudly introduced her ‘great’ nephew to all her colleagues, who were delighted to demonstrate the intricacies of stained-glass windows.

Over the ensuing years I have acquired, what has been described by some, as quite an eclectic collection of artworks.

Do call in and say hello. I look forward to chatting with you.


For many years watercolour painting has been my favourite pastime. I love its gentleness and sometimes even its unpredictability! I believe it is good, particularly in the hectic world we live in today, to step back, take time to relax and enjoy some creativity. I like to experiment with different subject matters and of course various colour combinations. More recently I have tried my hand at oil painting, and despite many mistakes (oops, should I say ‘happy little accidents’) I always manage to enjoy many hours in my studio trying to improve. Whatever the subject matter and whichever the medium I never cease to enjoy the experience of immersing myself in my painting, which is the very essence of this wonderful pastime.

Hope to see you in the gallery soon.


Our Mission

Our mission at Gallery Eleven is to improve the lives of emerging artists in Ireland seeking a platform to exhibit their paintings and hopefully over time gain recognition for their work.