Liam Delaney

An Irish artist of great distinction. Liam’s paintings hang in some of the most important collections in Ireland and have over the decades also earned him the title of ‘craftsman’ in America, Britain and Spain.

Liam first came to prominence in Irish Art in the 1970’s with drawings of Dublin Pubs and Street Characters. His scrupulous attention to detail in these works attracted widespread admiration and the limited-edition prints proved to be an immediate sell-out, his eye for detail leading him to study Rembrandt, Velazquez and Degas.

For many years Liam painstakingly worked to perfect his technique, residing between Spain and Ireland. While living in Spain Liam also came under the influence of Salvador Dali. This was only the beginning of a great body of work which went on to confirm his reputation as an artist who speaks not just to the present but also to the future creating breath-taking beauty on canvas.

Price: €1000

Size: 16”x21”

Medium: Silverpoint