Patrick Hanlon

An Irish watercolour artist, Patrick has spent over 20 years living between Florida and Dublin. His association and love of art beginning in his early schooldays in Ireland and later rekindled in Naples, Florida. It was in Naples where Patrick’s artistic skills and techniques advanced rapidly – no doubt due to the unique sophistication and wilderness of his surroundings.

From the sun-dappled beaches and aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico referred to as ‘Paradise’ Patrick can however, when in Ireland, equally portray the beauty of the Irish coastline with its stunning rugged and dramatic coastline.

Patrick’s extraordinarily gentle paintings are a welcome contrast, transporting the viewer to a timeless atmospheric world.

Price: €250

Size: 12.5" x 15.5"" framed

Medium: Mixed Media

Price: €250

Size: 18" x 21.5" framed

Medium: Watercolour